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The word science in Arabic ‘ ilm ” [ 3 ] which means to understand , understand , or know . In terms of absorption he said , science can be a means to understand knowledge , and the social sciences can mean knowing social problems , and so on .
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Motherboard Gigabyte Launches Anti

Motherboard Gigabyte Launches Anti – Lightning – Adi wins blog – Vendor device motherboard , Gigabyte , Wednesday, May 14, 2014 , released its latest series of motherboards . Taiwanese software vendors released four motherboard series as well as to consumers in Indonesia .
Four series motherboards Gigabyte 9 Series was armed with Intel Core processors and the fourth and fifth generation Intel chipset Z97/H97 . ” Everything carries features fast , cool and feel , ” said Benny Loawijk , Product Manager of Gigabyte Indonesia told reporters at FX Senayan , Jakarta .
Latest series of motherboards that represent the needs of users to improve the performance of their devices . In detail, four of which G1 Gaming Gigabyte Motherboard , Motherboard Gigabyte SOC ( Super Overclocking ) , GIGABYTE Ultra Durable Black Edition and Gigabyte Ultra Durable motherboards .
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Say Congratulations to Liverpool City

Say Congratulations to Liverpool City – Adi wins – At the beginning of the season not many predicted if Liverpool would be a strong contender in the race for the Premier League title . Most eyes were on the dominance of Arsenal , Chelsea and City alternating standings .

But in the second half of the season the Reds , Liverpool appear more consistent and into the path of a champion . Even their chances enlarged at the end of the season before finally dikalahka by Chelsea and a draw against Crystal Palace . It is then that make them the opportunity to champion seized by the City .
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Transactions Practice Suburkan Election Politics

Transactions Practice Suburkan Election Politics – General Elections Commission ( KPU ) has completed recapitulation Legislative Elections , Friday night May 9, 2014 . Known , the recapitulation was no significant change compared with the results of the quick count pollsters .
However , political observers Jakarta State University ( UNJ ) , Ubedilah Badrun , say , a recapitulation of this year left two substantial problems , namely the electoral system is not effective and not efficient . In addition, both the election organizers also considered unprofessional.

” The electoral system is ineffective and inefficient because it has been the practice of transactional politics fertilize the money , ” said Ubedilah in Jakarta , Saturday, May 10, 2014 .

It made a massive form data C1 raises differences in some areas , such as in Nias , Manado , Momuju , Musi Rawas , Banyuasin , Lubuk Linggau , Banyuasin , and South Halmahera .

Ubedilah also assessed the level of electoral administration in Regional Election Commission ( Election Commission ) , head of the polling Operator ( KPPS ) , and the Election Supervisory not work professionally . In performing their duties , they are not based on the Law No. 8 of 2012 .

A further implication there is most likely some KPUDs criminalized . If the Election Commission extends the criminal case will have an impact on the widespread public distrust in the electoral administration and will certainly hamper the implementation of the presidential election next July . Khasiat kolang kaling

Although the vote count is finished, certainly there are some political parties that would bring the case concerned a dispute the results of legislative elections to the Constitutional Court . Among these forms are not native C1 , C1 are swapped form , and or bubbling sound .